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CD Manufacturing UK

CD Manufacturing

From 100 unit runs to bestselling multi-platinum albums, DMS have experience in every aspects of CD production, including mastering, replication, duplication, creative
design, printing and packaging.

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DVD Manufacturing UK

DVD Manufacturing

DMS offer a complete range of DVD services including editing, authoring, graphic design and manufacturing of all DVD formats in a range of printed packaging. Runs from 100 units.

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Vinyl Pressing UK

Vinyl Pressing

DMS offer quality 7", 10" & 12" vinyl records in a range of weight and colours and a huge variety of packaging options in runs as little as 250 units. Fast & affordable, worldwide shipping available.

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Download Cards

Download Cards

ProCards offer a full range of customisable music download cards, providing a perfect compliment to your record release and a sure-fire way to boost your tour and merchandise profits.

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About Us

As the only major supplier of vinyl records, discs and custom packaging in the Southwest of England, DMS have a rich history of supporting local creative ventures, educational projects, grassroots music venues and emerging artists and labels. Our team is comprised of musicians and artists, record store owners and vinyl enthusiasts, fuelled by the passions of the independent sector to want to make a lasting difference to the music industry.

By day we provide the friendliest and most down-to-earth service possible, with efficiency and quality at the heart of our operations, and super competitive prices that reward our loyal custom. In our free time we are gig-goers and songwriters, photographers and event organisers, crate diggers, community activists and inherent believers that music is one of the most vital cornerstones of our society.

DMS was born in the Southwest and has grown alongside some of the now-most successful independent labels in the industry. We operate outside of the major city bubble, yet remain one of the key players in the manufacturing game. We pride ourselves in our capability to handle everything from huge and incredibly complex box sets with special inks and print finishes to the simpler of products. If you create music, press records or sell CDs then we'd love to meet you. Take a look around, If you like what you see, please drop us a line at

News Blog
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Brexit Means? Business As Usual!

We all know what a confusing mess this is, but with the potential of a British exit from the European Union inching ever-closer, we'd like to make some promises to our valued clients. There are so many unanswered questions; until politicians sort themselves out and provide some clarity to the situation, we can only guess what might happen. Whatever the case though, our team are as prepared as can be, which means you can continue to operate with the utmost confidence that your orders will arrive as planned.

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The Unsigned Guide - 6 Essential Tips For Submitting Music to the Industry

As part of our regular offering to the unsigned music community, we've teamed up with our friends at The Unsigned Guide to offer the best practise advice and outline the pitfalls to avoid when submitting your tracks to the music industry. Where do you go when you've finished that track you've been chipping away at for months? A good starting point would be the whole host of blogs, magazines and radio stations that love hearing from new, emerging talent. The Unsigned Guide reports...

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A Stitch In Time - How To Ensure Your Creative Events Are Insured

We've teamed up with Eggar Forrester Creative to offer advice to grassroots promoters and venue operators, who provide a vital platform to emerging artists struggling to be discovered. Granted, insurance isn't the most glamourous of topics, but with the majority of grassroots venues run and staffed by artists and musicians, and 35% of British venues closing their doors over the last decade, we feel a duty of care to help to inform and protect those remaining however we can.

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Access Some Areas - What Brexit Currently Holds For Touring Musicians

It used to be so easy. You’d arrange a clutch of shows with reliable promoters on the mainland, book the Eurotunnel, grab your passports, hop in the van and go wild on the continent. Alas, that relatively serene scenario seems set to change for the worse if/when Brexit is finally delivered. It’s the end of an era and the beginning of a serious headache for touring musicians. Darren Johns delves further...

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