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The Unsigned Guide - 6 Essential Tips For Submitting Music to the Industry

We joined forces with our friends at The Unsigned Guide for the latest article in our Emerging Artist Series.

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On The Hunt For A Full Stack Web Developer...

Tech savvy? Recently graduated? We're looking for the right candidate to help upgrade our internal systems...

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A Stitch In Time - How To Ensure Your Creative Events Are Insured

Don’t wait until it’s too late – make sure your events are covered with these top ten policies...

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Access Some Areas - What Brexit Currently Holds For Touring Musicians

What's in store for touring musicians post-Brexit? What else will be impacted by restricted freedom of movement? The outlook isn't good.

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If Music Be The Obstacle of Redevelopment, Send In The Wrecking Ball

Another one bites the dust. The now all-too familiar story of cultural loss in a city increasingly devoid of culture.

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Feeling Creative? Qualified in Graphic Design? Join The Family!

Feeling creative? We're on the lookout for an enthusiastic, talented and motivated graphic designer to join our Plymouth-based family...

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A Beginner’s Guide - How To Approach Grassroots Venues To Book Your First Show

Chris caught up with local venue managers to share what music promoters look for when being approached by new acts.

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Communication, Community and Celebration – Combatting mental health issues within the music industry

What to look out for and how to ensure that the people you love don't suffer in silence.

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CD or not CD? That is the question.

Where did it all fall apart? In defence of the beleaguered compact disc

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For The Record - The Do's and Don'ts of Releasing Your First Album

So you've recorded your debut album? Nice work! What's next? Well, all of this basically...

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Closing Time - How Can We Save Our Music Venues?

Grassroots venues are disappearing fast. For the music industry to survive, the show must go on...

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The Stylus Council - The Changing Face of Record Store Day

DMS music writer Darren Johns delves into how Record Store Day has evolved since it began 10 years ago.

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Festival Fever - Still Looking To Perform at Music Festivals in 2018?

It's not too late! Top tips for bands applying for those last few 2018 festival slots...

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The Progression of The Music Industry Starts at Home

We caught up with the ISM to talk about the decline of our music scene and how to fix it

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'Time for T' Winners of £2000 DMS x Awesome Merch Competition Prize

Brighton folk quintet bag 250 colour records and £1000 of Awesome merch in recent competition

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Representing DMS at FastForward International Music Conference

We sent Sam and Tom across to the FastForward flagship music conference in Amsterdam

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DMS & Awesome Merch Offer Up £2000+ Album Launch Package Prize

In a Band? Dream of Starting A Label? You Could Win 250 Colour Records In Custom Sleeves and £1000 of Awesome Merchandise...

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DMS Pledge New Computer Suite for African School

DMS Action a 5 Year Financial Support Plan and Begin Accumulating Further Donations of Technology

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DMS Sponsored 'Indie-Con 2018' is a Roaring Success

DMS Continue to Support Association of Independent Music at Their Annual Conference

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Legislation to Protect Future of Music Venues Brought to Parliament

Today Could Mark a Significant Turning Point in The Future Of The British Music Industry

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DMS Announced as Title Sponsor For AIM's Indie-Con 2018

DMS Link Up With AIM Once Again To Support Our Vibrant Independent Music Sector

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Back in Time - A Brief History of the Vinyl Record

We all love them now, but where did the vinyl record originate?

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Southwest Composer Joins Alter Bridge at Royal Albert Hall

Simon Dobson Conducted The Accompanying Parallax Orchestra

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Dave Cornthwaite Completes 14th 1000+ Mile Expedition

The Pedal Powered Adventurer Cycled The Length or Norway, By Boat

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Renowned Frontman To Reopen Local Pub as Music Venue

Mike Mathieson of Mad Dog McRea Has Always Supported Emerging Talent

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DMS at The Great Escape Festival 2017

DMS & AIM To Host The Great Escape Festival Opening Drinks Reception

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Picking Up The Pace With Dino Zamparelli

DMS Team Up With Southwest Racing Driver To Battle For The Porsche Carrera Cup

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DMS in Zimbabwe with the Makakoba Project

DMS Collaborate With Major Artists On An African Sustainable Education Mission

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1600 Miles And Counting

Positivity & Exploration - Dave Cornthwaite vs The Mississippi River

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Dave Cornthwaites' Expedition1000

From Designer to Adventurer - Why We Love Dave Cornthwaites' Style

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DMS & Pete Goss say PACK IT IN!

DMS Join Forces With Legendary Southwest Sailor Pete Goss MBE

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2007 Archipelago Raid

DMS Sponsor Two British Teams in the 2007 Archipelago Raid

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Introducing Conrad Humphreys

DMS Partner With International Yachtsman Conrad Humphreys

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Blue Climate And Oceans Project
Conrad Humphreys

Conrad Humphreys Launches the ‘Blue Climate And Oceans Project'

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Making a Difference - Preserving The Creative Heart of Cornwall's Forgotten Corner


Occupying the highest point of the Rame Peninsula in South East Cornwall, Maker Heights provides affordable art studios and music spaces, a chic restaurant and a campsite, all surrounded by rolling hills, farmland and a postcard panoramic of Plymouth Sound. Since the turn of the century, internationally exhibiting artists, drawn to the non-commercial bohemia of the area have taken up residence in the rundown studio spaces atop the hill. Distinguished musicians, poets and photographers moved from the cities in which they made their name to be a part of the melting pot of creativity that Maker has to offer.

The DMS crew have always had close ties to Maker Heights – many will remember the good old days of Plymouth Music Collective – and we’re proud to have played our part in encouraging music and life to the site throughout the years that we helped to organise the Maker Sunshine Festival. Here at DMS we’re privileged to be in a position to not only provide emerging artists and labels with fine vinyl records and compact discs, but also to support local educational projects, creative community ventures and grassroots music venues. For us, Maker ticks all of those boxes.

Until recently, one of the key attractions to the site was the Random Arms and Energy Room, a community pub and dedicated live music venue that had a significant impact on widespread social and educational development for well over a decade. Upcoming generations were inspired by those before them to strive for their own creative achievements. Over the years this has given rise to some incredibly successful touring bands and a wealth of talented artists and musicians - many of whom now have their own studios on site, often teaching as they were once taught and continuing to provide valuable opportunities for creative growth within the area.


The courtyard of the Maker Sessions, a series of often-sold-out monthly events hosting acclaimed touring acts. Until the recent closure of the venue by developers, live events brought an influx of culture to the surrounding communities. Photo: Dom Moore.

Unfortunately a series of mistakes made by the Trustees previously charged with protecting the site led to a contentious transfer of community assets to a private development company, seemingly interested in preserving the artistic ethos and helping the Maker project to grow through a much-needed investment of capital. Fast forward a few years and the true nature of their intentions were revealed with plans for 30 luxury houses, and then a hotel, and more recently still the forced closure of what was South East Cornwall’s sole surviving music venue.

Upon realising that the gravity of the situation with the developers, locals of all ages, and from all walks of life, had banded together and rallied the community to protect the remaining assets for the benefit of future generations. We worked closely with their local artists and musicians to produce a series of limited edition records fondly dubbed the Maker Tapes, which we donated to the cause, the first of which, combined with the already impressive fundraising efforts of the community, enabled the group to demonstrate their significance and obtain a seat at the negotiating table.


With the voice of the community on their side, the campaign was ultimately a success and ownership of the Barrack block – widely regarded as the jewel in Maker’s crown – was retained for public benefit. A new board of Trustees stepped up to take the project forward in a more appropriate direction, working tirelessly to bring more studio spaces online – painstakingly, one by one – with the help of many generous local tradespeople. But years of neglect and lack of investment had left the building in poor shape, and to this date critical repairs still remain incomplete.

The level of commitment and the work ethic of the many folk involved in rescuing Maker Heights from what they saw as the ultimate cliff edge has been beyond impressive; for a group of rural fishing villages in Cornwall, it’s staggering. So why not help a community to help themselves? This, as it happens, is exactly what we have decided to do. We’re extremely proud to announce that we have pledged £30k to help facilitate the next stages in the preservation and protection of such a significant site, and with it the abundance of public benefits that it provides to the Southwest.

The building will soon be undergoing vital restorations, including repairs to its structural floor joists, which will enable five further studio spaces to be brought back online. To celebrate the tenants are throwing open their studio doors on the 24th June to exhibit their work, live paint and offer a range of workshops and artistic attractions throughout the day. The event will also see the launch of the second volume of the Maker Tapes, complete with a host of live local acts taking place in a brand new community music space within the Barrack block – part of a bigger complex of rehearsal, writing and recording studios currently being created by local musicians.

Our team here at DMS work proudly to serve the independent music sector, both through helping artists and labels through the process of manufacturing their music, and by supporting the very community that we emerged from all those years ago. We’ve said it before, but if every company working within the music industry managed to find the time to champion their local roots and enrich the creative communities that raised them, this vibrant sector would be even stronger still.


The first completed music room of the three spaces that will make up the Patchwork Studios complex within the Barrack building.

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