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For the Record

Communication, Community and Celebration – Combatting mental health issues within the music industry

18th June 2018

Being able to openly discuss depression, and mental health issues in general, is slowly becoming more acceptable. It feels as though we are in a transition period from the oppressive stigma of the past to a more open future in which these kinds of matters can take their place...

CD or not CD? That is the question.

30th May 2018

The gramophone disc is dead, long live the vinyl record! The vinyl record is dead, long live the CD! The CD is dead, long live the tape cassette revival! Tape ca-what?! No way, mister/sister! Suffice to say, the quest for the perfect means of listening to recorded music...

Emerging Artist Series

For The Record - The Do's and Don'ts of Releasing Your First Album

14th May 2018

For so many acts, getting the debut album recorded is such an all-consuming mission that what comes next is often not considered until very late in the game. Once the attention turns, it's quickly realised that there are so many different avenues and angles to consider, and...

Festival Fever - Still Looking To Perform at Music Festivals in 2018?

13th April 2018

The once-niche festival scene has now gatecrashed into the mainstream, with attendance of festivals soaring to the point where it seems every town across the land is planning an all-out celebration of music and creative arts at some point this summer. This is great news for...

The Adventures of DMS

We Are Expanding - Join the Family

29th May 2018

We're on the hunt for candidates to fill a creative role in account management based in the Southwest of England. Key responsibilities will include managing incoming orders, looking after a portfolio of assigned clients as well as actively seeking and developing new sales and...

Making a Difference - Preserving The Creative Heart of Cornwall's Forgotten Corner

25th May 2018

Here at DMS we’re proud to support local educational projects, creative community ventures and grassroots music venues. For us, Maker Heights ticks all of those boxes, providing affordable studios, music spaces and workshops for local artists and creatives. We recently...

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