Bespoke Vinyl Cutting Service

The perfect gift for any vinyl enthusiast or audiophile. Using our rare cutting lathe, our audio technicians manually create individual, professional quality records from your supplied audio files. Our design team can work with you to produce a printed sleeve and labels to your specification, or from your supplied design should you wish.

Please find below an outline of our prices and information regarding the next steps in this process should you wish to press with DMS. If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out at any time.


Achieving a bespoke cut is a labour-intensive process which requires complete care and attention for the duration of the supplied audio. Cutting the perfect ‘hand-carved’ record is more an art than a science, and thus often requires re-calibration and multiple attempts before our engineers are happy with the results. With this in mind, our turnaround time on these kinds of orders is approximately 4 weeks. In certain circumstances we can turn a bespoke record around in a shorter timeframe, please let us know should you be short on time and we’ll try our best to accommodate.

* Please note we cut all 12” records at 45 RPM for optimum playback. The recommended maximum length per side is 11-12 minutes, which is approximately 3-4 songs of around 3-4 mins each *


Please be aware that all audio to be cut to the record(s) should to be supplied to us. Please ensure that all audio files are placed into a .zip folder prior to upload. Should you require additional software to ZIP files, we recommend that you download 7zip. Audio should be supplied in WAV or AIFF format where possible, with a minimum file quality of 16 BIT / 44.1kHz, which is CD quality. Where necessary we can use MP3 or M4A files as supplied from iTunes, but can accept no responsibility for quality issues with output audio when using these low quality types of master files.

Please also be aware that many orders will require the use of masters from CD releases, where the audio has been specifically mastered for the CD and digital format, and not vinyl. In these instances, it can be common for the volume of records to be lower than expected, due to the differences in digital and mechanical recording and mastering processes.


Artwork for label and sleeve designs should be supplied as high-quality PDF files with any imagery at 300dpi. To attain the highest quality print results and reduce any risk of your orders being delayed, we recommend speaking to our graphics department before starting your designs. Often a five-minute chat over the phone can give you all the information required to make your task much easier and your final files much sharper. Should you require it, we have a team of experienced and qualified in house designers who can work with you to help set up your artwork to maximise its aesthetic appeal.

Zipped audio files and print-ready artwork can be emailed to DMS or uploaded to us via WeTransfer. You may prefer to supply a master or data disc containing your audio or artwork in the post, in which case please address the package to DMS Ltd, The Pressing House, Faringdon Road, Plymouth, PL4 9ER.


A license is required to reproduce all audio tracks that are not written/owned by yourself. DMS can only create your record if you are either the sole copyright owner, or if you can supply a valid manufacturing licence from PPL/MCPS, or other relevant licensing organisations that apply in other countries.

Please follow this link to the PPL/MCPS website to obtain such a license should you require one. The cost of the licence is dependent on the total length of audio that you’re licensing, so in most instances an LM license should cost you approximately £15, as it’s likely that your audio will total less than 25 minutes. If you’re looking for us to cut a double vinyl (4 sides of different audio), then the licence cost from PPL/MCPS will be closer to £25 as the audio will almost certainly be greater than 25 minutes.

An LM license should only take a few days at most to acquire. If you need any help or advice with your application it's best to give the licensing organisation a call direct, they're always very friendly and helpful. For more information about this license please download their FAQs here.

You can call us on 01752 201275 to discuss anything in more detail if you prefer, or just get in touch using the button below.

Product Options

Add style, durability and attention to detail, while increasing the value of your records.

You can select between these options when making an enquiry or placing an order above.


A useful and professional addition to your sleeves, vital if your records will be retailed in major stores or stocked by a distributor.

Special Card & Paper Stocks

We offer a wide choice of card and paper thicknesses, types and finishes to enhance the appearance and value of your vinyl products.

Special Matt Finishes

Add a matt varnish or lamination to your sleeves for extra durability and a super smooth finish, or blow your customers away with a spot matt UV finish.

Special Gloss Finishes

Add a gloss varnish or lamination to your sleeves to increase durability and vibrancy of your designs, or push the boat out with a spot gloss UV finish.

Shrink-wrap or Overbags

We always recommend shipping orders with shrink-wrap or poly-overbags to help reduce the risk of the records damaging the packaging in transit.


These are our most popular options, but it's not everything we can do. If you've seen it done before, chances are we can make it happen for you too. Got an idea?

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