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Print Your Own

Save time and money by printing your own music download cards

Print ready download cards allow you to distribute your media via the award-winning ProCards platform at a fraction of the cost. Your cards are instantly available to download as a multipage PDF, hit print and away you go!

Whether you are in a hurry, strapped for cash or just a fan of DIY, print your own download cards are just the ticket. Read on to find out what you can do with them, what’s included with every download card project and more...

How To Use Them

Boost Your Record Sales

Print you own download cards provide an inexpensive way to boost your records sales. Insert them into your record sleeves to provide free digital downloads with your vinyl. It’s well know that buyers prefer records that come with free music downloads to add to their digital audio collection. Providing a digital alternative makes your records more attractive as your fans can listen to their music anywhere, anytime, the way they want to.

Promote Your Music

There’s never been a more easy and effective way to promote your music. With print your own download cards you can take your digital music everywhere you go. Super lightweight and easy to carry they’re perfect for giving away at street events and live shows. Use them to spread the word about your music, hand them out with flyers to promote your shows or attached them to your merch to add extra value to your items.

Build Your Fanbase

As fans redeem your download cards valuable data is collected for you. As well as their email addresses you can collect any other details you require. It's all available to you from within your ProCards account and you're free to use them in your future promotional activities. Simply distribute your cards then sit back and watch as your mailing list grows. Searching for an effective and hassle-free way to build your fanbase? Look no further.

How They Work

1. Get Started

To begin simply create your free ProCards account. Inside it’s incredibly easy to launch and manage your download card projects. You can buy download cards, upload your audio, personalise your download pages, view real time download statistics and lots more. Sign up now to have a look around. It’s the best way to see what’s available and how powerful the ProCards platform really is.

2. Launch a project

When you launch your account you’ll be guided through the simple setup of your first download card project. Just give your project a name and choose an exclusive download url. Immediately you can upload your audio, personalise your download page or go right ahead and order your cards. All we need now is your artwork and we are ready to roll.

3. Your download cards

With your order in place ProCards will instantly generate your print ready download cards. They feature clear download instructions, a web address where your cards can be redeemed and a unique download code. For a quick and easy setup you can opt for the instant ProCards design or you can use their templates to supply your own custom artwork.

4. Your fans gain access

ProCards have taken great care to make sure your fans enjoy a refreshingly smooth download experience. Easy to follow directions on each card show your fans where to go and what to do. They simply visit and enter their download code. Once he or she enters a valid code your media is unlocked and available to download.

5. Your mail list grows

Just before presenting the actual download ProCards always invite your fans to join your mailing list. They collect valuable email addresses from fans that have shown a real and genuine interest in your music. Staying in touch will show loyalty towards them and gives you a great chance to further promote your material. Your emails are available to download from within your account.

6. It’s download time

ProCards bundle all of your media into a single zip file for an easy one click download. As with all internet downloads your users are prompted to save their media to their computer where they can view and manage their files. Audio files can easily be imported into digital libraries like iTunes or transferred to any suitable digital music player.

What’s Included

Your ProCards Account

Sign up for your free ProCards account where you'll gain instant access to the most innovative, secure and powerful download card platform in the world. Their members (including some of the biggest labels on the planet!) regularly comment on how easy their platform is to use given the vast amount of options and features available. Why not dive on in and see for yourself?

Secure Media Hosting

ProCards host up to 500Mb of your media free for 2 years on their servers with each download card project. Their servers are fast, secure and with over a 99.9% uptime sit right up there with the most reliable servers in the world. You media will be distributed via their global content distribution network (GCDN) ensuring your digital media remains safe and is downloadable quickly and on-demand.

Custom Download Pages

Present your downloads in style with your own custom download pages. You can upload background images, project avatars (album covers etc) and even add links to your social network. Alternatively you can drive more traffic to your site by having your own website as the backdrop for the downloads. As users complete their downloads they'll close the console to land right on your site!

Professional Analytics

Your Analytics Suite is where you can monitor real-time download statistics and track the performance of your media distribution campaigns. You'll be able to find out where your downloads are coming from, locate your fans on an interactive world map and lots more. All data is presented in an easy-to-use interface with beautifully illustrated graphs and tables.

Valuable Data Capture

As card-holders gain access to your media they are given the opportunity to join your mailing list. ProCards always allow them to submit their email address and you can specify any other details they should collect (like their name, age, gender etc). You can make joining your mailing list optional or compulsory and are entitled to use this data in your future promotional activities.

Print Read Download Cards

When you place your order your download cards are instantly available to download and print. They are presented in a multipage PDF with 10 cards to every A4 sheet. A4 is the most common paper size and is compatible with any regular home printer. You can trim the cards by simply cutting each sheet once down the middle and four times from left to right.


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200 £47.50 £57.00
300 £50.00 £60.00
500 £55.00 £66.00
1000 £80.00 £96.00
3000 £185.00 £222.00
5000 £225.00 £270.00

Don’t see the quantity your are looking for?

This is just a sample of prices to give you an idea. You can actually order any quantity you like from ProCards. If you would like to check pricing for other quantities you can use the price calculator at

Print Ready Download Cards

Your download cards are instantly available to download as a print ready PDF. Whether you opt for the instant ProCards design or choose to supply your own custom artwork the price remains the same.

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