Disc Manufacturing Services

Vinyl Pressing

DMS offer quality 7", 10" & 12" vinyl records in a range of colours and a huge variety of packaging options in runs as little as 250 units. Fast & affordable, worldwide shipping available.


CD Manufacturing

From 100 unit runs to bestselling multi-platinum albums, DMS have experience in every aspects of CD production, including mastering, replication, creative design, printing and packaging.


DVD Manufacturing

DMS offer a complete range of DVD services including editing, authoring, design and manufacturing of all formats in a range of printed packaging. Runs from 100 units, with worldwide shipping.



For The Record

An Off-Season in the Half-Life of a Bi-Polar Quasi-Musician in Semi-Lockdown

It's been the hedgehog summer of love. Quite literally. Due to lockdown-reduced traffic, the spiky seducers have been living wild and free, resulting in a baby boom that could significantly reverse...

Darren Johns - 24 Jul 2020

For The Record

An independent outlook on local and national issues facing the music industry, and related news stories that resonate with our team.

Emerging Artist Series

Our collective advice for emerging artists, penned by a passionate team of musicians and artists heavily involved in the music industry.

The Adventures of DMS

We have a rich history of supporting local creative ventures, educational projects and grassroots artists, labels and music venues.

Newsletter Archive

Our digital newsletters offer a healthy dose of music-related adventure, advice and articles to our global following. A longer read.

Manufacturing for Music

Competitive on price, unbeatable on quality and with some of the fastest lead times around, we pride ourselves in our capacity to handle everything from incredibly complex vinyl box sets with specialist inks and print finishes, to the simplest of short-run CD and DVD products.

Now a world player in major music manufacturing, we have grown organically alongside some of the now-most successful independent labels out there today. Operating outside of the major city bubble for more than two decades, our globally active team remain one of the most well-respected, recommended and reliable manufacturers of vinyl, CD and DVDs in the industry.

DMS have a rich history of supporting local creative ventures, educational projects, grassroots music venues, and emerging artists and labels. Our friendly team are comprised of musicians and artists, record store owners and crate diggers, fuelled by the passions of the independent sector to strive to make a lasting difference to local and international music scenes.

By day we provide the friendliest and most down-to-earth service possible, with efficiency and quality at the heart of all our operations, and ever-competitive prices that reward loyal custom. In our free time, the DMS family are gig-goers and songwriters, photographers and event organisers, vinyl ambassadors, community activists and inherent believers that music is one of the most vital cornerstones of our society.

If you create, promote and/or distribute music, then we'd love to meet you. Take a look at who are and what we do, and ask anyone who has worked with us about our reputation. Get in touch with us any time to find out how we can make your music manufacturing process that much less stressful, more enjoyable and easier on your wallet.

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