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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions that we are most commonly requested to answer. Please feel free to contact us with any CD related enquiries, our qualified team will be happy to help you out.

What do I need to supply to place a CD order?

In order for us to complete your order for your planned release we will need the following:

1. Audio Master
2. Graphics/Art Files
3. Completed Track List And Copyright Declaration Form
4. Payment

In what format should I supply my master to you?

For manufacturing of audio CDs from a glassmaster you may supply us CD audio or DDP Image files. WAV or AIFF files may be supplied but will incur additional charges for compiling the master image. You can forward digital files via WeTransfer or Dropbox (in a .ZIP or .RAR folder) or via your own FTP site. You can send physical formats (CD, DVD, USB Stick/ Flash Drive, or ¼" Tape) to;
DMS Ltd, The Pressing House, Faringdon Road, Plymouth, PL49ER.

Please ensure all files are compressed to a .ZIP/.RAR folder prior to uploading.

A track list detailing the name of each track and running time should be supplied with every master. For CD replication please supply master on CD-R as a working copy. For short run CD duplication, masters should be supplied as an audio CD or CD-R. We will make exact copies of your master so please ensure that the master is free of any errors or defects.

We offer a full CD Mastering service, so if you need any alterations to your tracks please contact us to discuss your requirements. CD Mastering is charged at £50 per hour ex. VAT (£60 inc. VAT)

How should I supply my graphics?

Please send us high quality PDF files with any imagery at 300dpi. To attain the highest quality print results and reduce any risk of your orders being delayed, please read through our Artwork Specifications. We recommend speaking to our graphics department before starting your designs, often a five-minute chat over the phone can give you all the information required to make your task much easier and your final files much sharper.

Print-ready art files can be emailed to your DMS contact or uploaded via WeTransfer,, Dropbox or your own FTP site. You may prefer to supply a data disc containing your artwork in the post, in which case please post to DMS Ltd, The Pressing House, Faringdon Road, Plymouth, PL4 9ER.

At DMS we are great believers in preparing your graphics to the highest quality before going to print. We have a full range of templates available for all CD products including disc onbodies, booklets, digipacks, digifiles, slipcases and box sets. If you don't see what you are looking for, please contact us and we will send the relevant templates to you.

We also offer a full Graphic Design service at £40 per hour ex. VAT (£48 inc. VAT) if you require assistance with your artwork.

How should I send you my physical masters?

We recommend that you send us your completed master via Royal Mail Special or Recorded delivery. This guarantees next day delivery to us ensuring we start your production immediately. This service is available from any Post Office and costs approximately £5.00 for a standard weight package. Print-ready art files can also be posted to us on a disc, or emailed to your DMS contact or uploaded via WeTransfer,, Dropbox or your own FTP site. Our full postal address is:

The Pressing House
57 Faringdon Road
St Judes

I only have digital files - can you make me a CD master?

We can create a production-ready master CD from your individual mastered tracks. This service costs £30 ex. VAT (£36 inc. VAT).

We can embed ISRCs at no extra cost to the above. If you'd like us at add CD-Text too, this will cost an additional £20 ex. VAT (£24 inc. VAT).

Please supply your tracks at 16 bit / 44.1 kHz. Supplying in any other resolution will require your audio to be dithered/converted to 16 bit / 44.1 kHz. This service is charged at £30 ex. VAT (£36 inc. VAT). Please ensure all files are transferred in a .ZIP/.RAR folder.

Please supply topped and tailed audio files with any unwanted silences already trimmed. Any required audio editing will be charged at £40 per hour ex. VAT (£50 inc. VAT).

What is an ISRC?

The ISRC is the international system for the identification of sound recordings and music videos. Each ISRC is a unique identifier which can be permanently encoded into a sound recording or music video. Encoded ISRCs can provide the means to automatically identify recordings, to ensure that you get paid any royalty payments due. PPL is the appointed sole agency for ISRC in the UK, please contact them to assign codes to your tracks. DMS are unable to generate ISRCs for you, but once you have them we are able to add to your masters. For more information please visit the PPL website.

Once you have received your ISRCs from PPL, we would be happy to embed them onto your master.

Embedding of ISRCs is charged at £30 ex. VAT (£36 inc. VAT)
Embedding of CD-Text and/or ISRCs is charged at £50 ex. VAT (£60 inc. VAT)

What is CD-Text?

CD-Text allows for storage of additional information (album name, song name, and performer etc.) on standard audio CDs. This information is embedded into the lead-in area of the CD itself.

iTunes, Windows Media Player etc. do not read the CD text information stored on the actual CD's but use online databases such as Gracenote (CDDB). To ensure that iTunes, Windows Media Player etc. displays information similar to CD text you need to insert the disc and add the details yourself to the online databases that these media players use.

We would be happy to embed CD-Text onto your master.

Embedding of ISRC codes is charged at £30 ex. VAT (£36 inc. VAT)
Embedding of CD-Text and/or ISRCs is charged at £50 ex. VAT (£60 inc. VAT)

Do I need an MCPS Licence to make my CDs?

DMS will only press your CDs if you are the sole copyright owner and fill in one of our copyright declaration forms, or you can supply a manufacturing licence from MCPS or other relevant licensing organisation that apply in other countries. DMS will not consider manufacturing any product that infringes the rights of other artists or copyright owners.

Please visit the PRS for Music website and the MCPS section within it to see the kinds of licences available and the cost of obtaining them. If you need any help or advice with your application it's best to give MCPS a call direct, they're always very friendly and can help to shed valuable light on an otherwise complicated process.

When and how should I pay for my CDs?

Due to the nature of CD manufacturing, once goods are produced they are unusable by anyone other than the client that ordered them. For that reason we ask for payment in full prior to CD manufacturing commencing. Alternatively UK registered companies and government agencies may apply for a credit account. Credit is not available to individuals or first time customers.

You may pay for your goods and services by the following methods:

By card over the telephone. Please note that credit cards and all non-UK registered cards incur a processing surcharge of 3%.
By BACS transfer. Your sales contact will provide you with our bank details and they can be found at the bottom of your invoice.
Via PayPal (surcharges do apply).
Or by cheque payable to DMS Ltd to the address above, also stated on your invoice.

For further details on payment options please get in touch or telephone +44 (0) 1752 201275.

How long does it take for my CDs to be delivered?

Please note that lead times can vary substantially from week to week. In certain circumstances we can deliver within 24 hours, in many others it could be 3 or 4 weeks; this is largely dependent on the unit quantity and packaging you require. If you are planning an upcoming release, we recommend that you give us a call or drop us an email to find out current lead times and chat through feasible dates and deadlines. We are of course happy to try and meet demands. If you have something urgent with a specific deadline date, please ensure you let us know as early as possible so we can look to schedule the order into our processing and production schedules.

All goods are dispatched to you through leading global courier companies. All deliveries will require somebody to sign for the goods at the address you have specified, so please make sure somebody will be available at home, in the office or at the warehouse. We will always tell you when goods are being dispatched so you are able to plan receipt of your order. Unfortunately our courier companies will not be able to specify the delivery time until the day of delivery, although some couriers will text you with an ETA where possible.

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