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On a budget? Looking to make a splash? Either way, you'll find exactly what you're looking for within our extensive range of ever-popular CD packaging options.

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Mastering is an essential part of the production process. Our audio engineers are always on hand to offer you their professional advice and support.


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First time pressing CDs? New to DMS? Not sure where to start? No problem. We've cut through the jargon and outlined each step for you right here.

Info & FAQs

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Supplying your art files has never been easier with our wide range of popular product templates. In both PDF and IDML formats for your convenience.


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Need a hand with your artwork? Our experienced design team are at your disposal to ensure you have the best looking release on the merch stand.


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We have pressed thousands of stunning CD packages for artists and labels across the globe. Check our archive to inspire fresh ideas for your next release.


20+ years of CD replication BY DMS UK

With over two decades of experience and a 5 star rated service, DMS have a long-standing reputation for being top of the game in quality, turnaround and client satisfaction. As one of the major manufacturers of vinyl records, discs and custom packaging, our team is comprised of musicians and artists, record store owners and crate diggers providing honest, efficient and down-to-earth customer service.

DMS have been replicating quality CDs for customers worldwide since the turn of the century. We can provide custom printed CDs, in bespoke packaging, and at super competitive prices from 500 units upwards.

CD replication is a physical process that physically manufactures the CDs from scratch, out of polycarbonate materials. The glass master that we create from your supplied files is a negative of the final product, which is coated with a molten nickel compound to create a ‘stamper’, similar to vinyl production. This stamper is then used to replicate the CDs, punching tiny pits in the reflective aluminium surface as they are created. The result is a CD-ROM, meaning ‘read-only memory’.

cd replication printing methods

Where many of our competitors will utilise digital printing methods to print artwork to the tops of replicated discs and CD packaging, we prefer to employ more traditional and higher quality printing methods such as screen printing or lithographic printing. Despite opting for superior quality printing methods, our prices remain some of the most competitive out there today, and we take great pride in matching that with stellar customer service with every single order.

We genuinely 100% guarantee all our work to be of the highest standard, another reason why thousands of clients return to us time and time again. DMS is one of the leading CD suppliers in the UK and Europe, for all your CD needs. From DIY projects right through to specialised production of unique and complex box sets, DMS have you covered. So whatever your budget, be sure to check us out, and get in touch with our team any time for more information or prices.

When to opt for cd replication

Larger runs: Due to the costs of setting up the glass master, replicated CDs are most cost effective from 500 units upwards. The more CDs you press, the lower the cost per disc.

Alongside vinyl: Our lead times for replicated CDs in custom packaging is generally 3-4 weeks from receipt of all production materials, making them perfect to press alongside a vinyl run and have your entire release shipped to your door in a single consignment.

Complex packaging: Our range of CD packaging options is one of the extensive and customisable, not to mention utilises the finest quality materials and print methods. With CD replication, the design potential of the accompanying CD packaging is practically endless.

we also offer CD duplication

CD duplication is a production method many people are familiar with and is typically utilised for smaller runs of 100 to 300 units. The duplication process 'burns' audio onto pre-manufactured discs using lasers, similar to how you'd burn data to blank discs at home; only on a much larger scale. CD duplication uses multiple writer drives in large interconnecting towers to produce CD-Rs, the tops of which are professionally screen printed or lithograph printed up to full colour.

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