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DVD Authoring

DVD authoring is the process of combining your footage and other supplied elements to as a professional quality DVD master that's completely ready for production. Authoring is the final step in video post-production, linking all the parts together, adding functionality and bringing your project to life. We offer a full and professional DVD authoring service, please have a read through the below information and give us a call on +44 (0) 1752 201275 to discuss how we can help you with your project.

Our complete DVD Authoring services include:

  • File conversion from a variety of video formats into DVD standard
  • The creation of menus and sub-menus for DVD navigation (stills for menu backgrounds will be required)
  • Creating chapters or marker points within your footage
  • Generating subtitles (subtitles text and time insertion info will be required)
  • Setting project to play as NTSC or PAL as applicable
  • Setting project aspect ratio
  • Sending you a DVD test disc for final approval prior to production commencing.

Booking Your Studio Time

Book Your Authoring Early

Just like a recording session, it's always useful to know that a job is being sent in advance so we can pre-book the time in our studio. It's always advisable to allow plenty of time for the authoring process and for test discs to be sent to you for approval.

Trust Our Expertise

Our engineers and design team will take your initial brief and inject their own creative flair to produce professional results. We guarantee our authoring 100%, if you're genuinely and justifiably not happy, we won't charge you.

DVD Authoring Charges

DVD authoring is charged at £75 ex. VAT (£90 inc. VAT). Additional requirements such as sourcing of library images or audio tracks will incur extra costs.

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