We require either a Physical CD master or a DDP (similar to a digital version of a CD) for us to use as a production-ready master.

If you do not have either of these, then we can compile a DDP for you from the individual tracks you supply (.WAV/.AIFF files). This service includes any dithering and re-sampling of the audio as required to ensure it is in the correct CD audio standard of 16 BIT/44.1kHz resolution, adding of CD-Text onto your master and if you have them, the embedding of ISRC or MCN/EAN/UPC codes you supply.

Compiling a production ready DDP from your supplied audio files is charged at £50 ex. VAT (£60 incl. VAT) per CD master required.

Please ensure all files are transferred in a .ZIP/.RAR folder. We recommend that you supply your audio as “top and tailed” WAV/AIFF files, with any unwanted silences already trimmed away from the starts and ends of the tracks. You can give us details of the required elements of your CD master, including any additional gaps between tracks on the DMS tracklist that will be sent to you by your account manager. Any actual audio editing that is required such as trims and fades etc would be chargeable at £60 per hour ex. VAT (£72 incl. VAT).

The CD Mastering Process

CD mastering is charged at £60 per hour ex. VAT (£72 incl. VAT).

CD mastering adds the final polished touch to your recording. During the mastering process, our audio engineers listen carefully to your original mixes, making fine adjustments to produce a finished master that will play with the best possible sound across a variety of audio systems.

Our in-house engineers will harness specifically tailored hardware and software to really get the most out of your recordings. They will always ensure that the audio characteristics and dynamics of your audio are heralded and preserved, using their "Golden Ears", years of knowledge and experience, and a fully equipped post-production studio of highly-specialised equipment. Our mastering engineer's creative expertise will add the final polish. At this point you will receive a test copy to approve, and further changes can be requested at this stage if necessary. DMS will always supply you with commercial quality audio, every time.

If we are mastering your audio, there will be no extra charges for compiling your DDP master, which includes the basic audio editing, dithering/converting files and embedding of ISRC codes and CD-Text.

Our CD Mastering services include:
  • Arranging tracks in final order required

  • Adding CD text to tracks

  • Adding ISRC Codes (Provided to the client by PPL)

  • Adjusting gaps between the tracks

  • Cleaning the start and finish points of tracks as required

  • Removing noise from gaps between all tracks

  • Removing tape hiss, clicks, pops, and other unwanted artefacts

  • Adjustment of levels to reach commercial volume without losing overall dynamics

  • Processing (Compression & EQ) to achieve required levels

  • Maintaining a consistent level for all tracks

  • Stereo imaging/widening if required

  • Assembling and burning your finished master to Red Book standard.

get in touch with our audio engineers now

We are invested in producing the very best digital masters for a reasonable and competitive rate. Our in-house audio engineers and advanced post-production studio are more than equipped to master your audio files to a highly professional standard every time. Sound good? please get in touch using the link below, or keep reading for more useful tips and information.

Enquire about our Digital Mastering services now.

Book Your Mastering As Early As Possible

From receipt of your files we always aim to return a test copy to you within a week. Like a recording session, it's always useful to know that a job is being sent in advance so that the engineers can allocate their time. As a guide, please allow around 2-4 hours for an average length album. Our engineers will be happy to analyse your audio and provide you with an estimate before you commit to anything.

Trust Our Engineers

Once the mastering engineer has completed your basic requests his creative expertise will add the final polish. You will receive a test copy to approve once the mastering process has been completed. We guarantee our mastering 100%, if you're genuinely and justifiably not happy, we won't charge you.

How To Supply Your Audio

For best results and quickest turnaround please supply a set of sequenced WAV files output as 16 bit with a sample rate of 44.1kHz. You can send these to us on an audio CD, via digital transfer (in a .ZIP/RAR archived folder), on a USB or Compact Flash Drive, CD-R, CD-RW, DAT, Data CDR or as a DDP disc image.

We can also accept your files as 24-32 bit 44.1kHz - 192kHz Audio WAVs, AIFFs, or FLAC files.

Please note that if you are providing us with production files that do not require mastering or other audio assistance, the preferred format is a production-ready DDP master file.

Please always ZIP all audio files before transferring to us to avoid potential data corruption.

How To Send Us Your Files

You can forward digital files via WeTransfer or Dropbox (in a .ZIP or .RAR folder) or via your own FTP site.

You can send physical formats (CD, DVD, USB Stick or Flash Drive) to the following address:

DMS Vinyl
Second Floor
Prideaux Court
Palace Street

All original files will be returned upon request once mastering process is complete.

looking for more audio information?

We have a full directory of Info & FAQs at your disposal, please take a look. If you still have questions then please Get in Touch with our friendly UK and EU based team at any time.

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