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Guaranteed Quality

As well as offering the most competitive prices for CD and DVD production and vinyl record manufacturing in the UK and Europe, DMS has a no quibble 100% Quality Guarantee. Our experienced team works incredibly hard to ensure you receive the best quality error-free products every time. If we ever do make a mistake, we guarantee to put things right immediately at no cost and minimal inconvenience to yourself. That's another reason why thousands of clients choose to return to us again and again.

Quality products, quality service

Here at DMS we work hard to achieve the unachievable. We receive many enquiries from bands, record labels and distributors who have gone ahead and organised launch parties, release dates, exclusive concerts and other commercial events that require physical products. Typically these dates are arranged and announced before they have even placed an order and in some cases, before they have even finished recording their albums and or produced the artwork.

We work extremely hard to help those that have put themselves in this situation by reshuffling production schedules, paying staff overtime and working long hard hours. 99% of the time we deliver and save the day but on some occasions, despite every effort made by all parties involved, these deadline dates are missed. More often than not, this comes down to our strict quality control measures, because at the end of the day we want to ensure that our clients' standards remain high in the eyes of their customers.

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