Interview with Problem Patterns

Pressing their DEBUT album "Blouse Club" with DMS

DMS - 22 Sep 2023
Emerging Artist Series

Problem Patterns first approached us in 2022 and since have been picked up by our wonderful friends at Alcopop! Records to put out their debut full-length ‘Blouse Club’.

The Belfast-based quartet are known for their blistering live shows where they often swap instruments, with songs covering serious themes of social inequality, perfectly delivered in a fun, raucous, tongue-in-cheek way.

We pressed ‘Blouse Club’ on 140g 12” vinyl using the colour ’#29 Pink Robots’. The record is sleeved to a full colour printed inner sleeve featuring lyrics, thank you notes and pictures of the band, all housed in a printed outer sleeve with spine, adorned with beautiful artwork by Nänni-Pää.

Mark caught up with the band ahead of the release…

Mark: Let’s start with your upcoming debut album ‘Blouse Club’ – what are you most excited for people to hear?

Problem Patterns: We’re excited for everyone to hear the album in its full context. There are people who have seen us dozens of times that will know a few of the songs on there, especially as there are some previously released singles that we have re-recorded - they are much heavier. We have new songs on there that we haven’t even performed in front of anyone yet. We were really mindful about the order of the tracklist and we are confident that it really highlights the variety in our band. We are especially excited to reach new ears!

Mark: What constitutes a fantastic blouse?

PP: Bev has an amazing blouse that features all kinds of bears. Otherwise, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable wearing it.

Mark: You’re a band who have always had a strong and consistent message – how did you translate this to the album?

PP: We have always been adamant that everybody in the band has a voice, and that there is no hierarchy. Every song on the album has something to say, it’s just that some might be a little more direct in its lyricism or musically aggressive than another.

Mark: What is it about vinyl that made you want to release your debut on the format and why DMS?

PP: It has been our dream as a band to be releasing our album on vinyl, especially to be able to do that with our debut. We’re super grateful to have had the support of Jack and Alcopop with this. DMS have been so super helpful getting it put together, especially as we have been learning as we go.

Mark: Problem Patterns have a reputation as a great live band, what could someone expect to find at one of your live shows?

PP: They could expect the four of us to be having the most fun - that’s what’s important. If we’re not having fun, there’s no point. It’s a wonderful bonus that the crowd often mirror that energy back to us.

Mark: You’ve shared the stage with bands such as Bob Vylan, Queen Zee, Le Tigre and Fight Like Apes, what is the best advice you’ve picked up along the way?

PP: Warm ups and adequate rest is the most important part of touring. Don’t be scared to tell the sound engineer what you need from them - it’s their job to make you sound at your best!

Mark: Tell us what you have planned to support the release of “Blouse Club”.

PP: We have our album release show in Belfast on October 27th (release day) with our friends Mucker and Touch Excellent, at The Black Box. We have a few shows and other surprises coming up as well, just keep an eye out!

Mark: Give anyone reading one reason to go and pre-order the album…

PP: Anyone can join the Blouse Club - come and yell with us!

‘Blouse Club’ is released on 27/10 via Alcopop! Records. Presales are live now at

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