Splatter Effect Vinyl

One vinyl colour effect, a thousand uses. Splatters are a cost effective way of standing your release out from the masses.

Applicable on both solid and transparent base colours, or in addition to other colour effects. For best results, opt for solid colour splatters, and be wary of lighter splatters on darker bases. Choose up to three splatters from any colour range.

Orders start from 250 units.

Half / Half Colour Effect Vinyl

A simple yet striking vinyl colour effect, half and half records are an ever-popular choice by artists and labels alike. Great for split releases, or to compliment two tone sleeve artwork.

Half and half records can be produced using any combination of transparent and solid vinyl colours. This vinyl colour effect is created by pressing two different colour pucks side by side.

Orders start from 250 units.

Colour in Colour Effect Vinyl

A quirky two colour effect that features, more often than not, a solid colour within a transparent base. Utilise the full range of standard, special and neon colours from our colour chart.

Darker vinyl colours can dominate lighter colours, so we recommend opting for a darker centre. This may not always be directly in the middle, or completely visible on both sides.

Orders start from 250 units.

Side A / B Colour Effect Vinyl

One of the less predictable options in our extensive range, Side A/B effects are created by pressing two pucks on top of one another, with potentially differing results every time.

To play it safe, we generally advise that colours are chosen from the solid range, but some transparent colours can work. Please feel free to speak to one of our team for more advice.

Orders start from 250 units.

Tri Colour Effect Vinyl

Choose any combination of solid and transparent colours to create this stunning three colour effect. Vinyl colours can be positioned as 'pie-chart' segments, or as horizontal stripes.

On rare occasions, listeners may experience a minor sound quality disparity as the needle crosses between compounds. If you have any concerns, it's always best to consult our team.

Orders start from 250 units.

Quad Colour Effect Vinyl

A newer addition to our ever-growing range, the quad effect utilises two colours to create four roughly equal segments. This effect can be produced with any colour combinations.

On rare occasions, listeners may experience a minor sound quality disparity as the needle crosses between compounds. If you have any concerns, it's always best to consult our team.

Orders start from 250 units.

Twisted Stripe Effect Vinyl

Twisted stripe effect is an interesting and diverse effect which can be pressed using two or three colours. Created by laying twisted snake-like puck(s) across any base colour, the majority of colour combinations tend to work out nicely here.

With certain colours, the stripe produced may be spread wide, morphing and entangling as the colours twist and combine.

Orders start from 250 units.

Marble / Galaxy Effect Vinyl

Two separate marble effects; Smoke is subtle and works best with solid tendrils on a transparent base. Galaxy is more of a merging of ANY two or three colours, tending to result in a deeper diffusion that produces unique and obscure results.

It is not possible to include splatters with these two effects, but you can utilise special and neon colours at no additional cost, making the possible combinations nearly endless.

Orders start from 250 units.

Starburst Effect Vinyl

Similar in outcome to a combination of the Side A/B and Colour in Colour effects, this colourful visual is crafted by placing three pucks on top of one another. It is possible to use most combinations of solid and transparent colours.

For maximum vibrancy, try using a combination of primary colours which will combine to produce even more colours.

Orders start from 250 units.

Cornetto / Spinner Effect Vinyl

Two separate but similar vinyl colour effects, featuring up to six spokes/wedges of your volition... let's get creative!

For best results, pair solid base and wedges colours, or transparent base and wedge colours. Where a mix is used, the resulting vinyl effect could be unpredicatable. We do not recommend using Black or #1 Snow White as base colours.

Orders start from 250 units.

Triple Button Effect Vinyl

Another recent addition to our ever-growing chart of vinyl colour effects, we recommend a combination of contrasting light and dark colours for the best vinyl pressing results.

Triple Buttons is a stunning two colour cross between a spinner effect and our classic colour in colour effect. This is one of the few effects that cannot handle extra splatters.

Orders start from 250 units.

Moon Phase Vinyl

A unique and elegant vinyl effect which compliments the more alternative and avante garde releases out there. For best results, opt for contrasting light and dark colours.

Ready and raring for a Dark Side of the Moon rerelease, the less obvious conceptual uses we have seen so far are lunar soundscapes, space themes and the passing of the seasons.

Orders start from 250 units.

Butterfly Effect Vinyl

A beautiful new three colour vinyl effect, Butterfly is similar to Quad, but with a thinner, more bulging centre to give the impression of wings, with splattered segments as standard.

Any combination of solid and transparent colours works best, and those looking to take full flight can include a maximum of two additional splatters for those extra-exotic releases.

Orders start from 250 units.

Multiple Colour Effect Combinations

Why not get creative and use a combination of effects such as Half & Half or Side A/B plus some splatters? Send us your ideas and our colour gurus shall predict the results. If you’re feeling super adventurous, keep reading for our Neon and Glow in the Dark ranges, which can often be encorporated into many of the vinyl colour effects on our charts.

Orders start from 250 units.

Vinyl Colour Effect Information & Disclaimers


For an alternatively striking record, consider one of our other options – picture discs, shaped records, etched records, screen printed records and flexi discs. The run-out groove can also be etched with up to 60 characters, perfect for leaving a note to the listener or reiterating an important lyric.


The production vinyl compound is a Polyvinyl chloride acetate (PVCA) made in house at the plant, a special award-winning formula of raw materials. The base material used is a powdered copolymer of vinyl chloride and vinyl acetate which is mixed in a fluid mixer with some additives such as stabilizers and lubricants.

Classic black records are made from a special black carbon, while coloured records are produced using basic colours. The plant also mix several varieties of basic dyes or pigments to create some colours.


Please be aware of potential audio problems when ordering #15 Heart of Glass (ultra clear), #17 Slade Boot Silver and #18 Gold Digger. There is a risk that problems, such as audible clicks, will be present on the final pressed vinyl (even if not present on test pressings, as TPs are supplied on the black vinyl compound only). The reason for this is down to the compound material of these colours. Much of the time these issues can be disguised by the music, but we cannot guarantee this until the records are actually pressed. It is a small risk but can happen and it is your risk to take.


Sadly, there can always be audible issues on coloured vinyl with effects. Compared to black and frosted clear vinyl the colour compounds do have a degrading effect on audio quality and effects can cause audible clicks or pops and added hiss/surface noise. Sometimes it can be the specific combination of certain colours and effects that cause issues and it is not possible for us to know until the records are actually pressed, unless we have done that specific combination before.

Because of the nature of coloured vinyl compounds homogenous or heterogeneous structure, in cases of multicoloured configurations the combinations of different types of coloured compound can mean the audio quality may be affected in random and unpredictable ways, this may also vary across an entire run.

Product Options

Add style, durability and attention to detail, while increasing the value of your records.

You can select between these options when making an enquiry or placing an order above.

Test Pressings

Test pressings are the first records created from the metalwork, used to evaluate the quality, volume levels and listen for any untoward pops, clicks or excessive sound artefacts before mass production begins. We always recommend requesting test pressings with your order and listening carefully on a number of different turntables before approving production of the main run.

Runout Engraving

Make your mark on your records by engraving your artist, label or company name into the runout groove.

Colour Split Pressings

Make your pressings more unique and collectable with different colour variants. Have you considered offering a limited edition indie exclusive?

Booklets, Inserts & Posters

Lots of images or information to add? Fancy including a lyric sheet? Consider a printed insert, or go all out with a poster for your fans' bedroom walls.

Download Cards

Boost your record sales with free digital downloads. 10% off all orders with our friends over at ProCards. The world's premier download card provider.


Whether you want to draw more attention to your records or the extras found inside, we offer high quality advertising stickers in all shapes and sizes.


A useful and professional addition to your sleeves, vital if your records will be retailed in major stores or stocked by a distributor.

Bonus Discs & Items

Have you considered adding bonus materials to your vinyl packaging? We can design your packaging to suit any combination of additional products.

Special Card & Paper Stocks

We offer a wide choice of card and paper thicknesses, types and finishes to enhance the appearance and value of your vinyl products.

Special Matt Finishes

Add a matt varnish or lamination to your sleeves for extra durability and a super smooth finish, or blow your customers away with a spot matt UV finish.

Special Gloss Finishes

Add a gloss varnish or lamination to your sleeves to increase durability and vibrancy of your designs, or push the boat out with a spot gloss UV finish.

Pantone Printing

All of our printed parts can be produced in full colour CMYK and/or using Pantone inks for precise colour reproduction.

Metallic Hot Foiling

The shiny metallic appearance of hot foiling makes for an incredibly attractive product. We offer many options including gold, silver and glitter foils.

Embossing & Debossing

Make your print positively three dimensional with raised or stamped surfaces to compliment your designs and make your records more compelling.


Our slipcases slide over your vinyl packaging to instantly increase the weight and visual appearance, making your products more attractive and valuable.

Box Sets

With the ability to hold multiple records, posters, badges, bonus items and lots more, our unique box sets are the ultimate in luxury vinyl packaging.

Shaped Records

Make your records in whatever shape you can dream of. Shape them into smaller CD-sized circles, or custom shapes like hearts, stars or triangles.

Shrink-wrap or Overbags

We always recommend shipping orders with shrink-wrap or poly-overbags to help reduce the risk of the records damaging the packaging in transit.


These are our most popular options, but it's not everything we can do. If you've seen it done before, chances are we can make it happen for you too. Got an idea?

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