Flexi Discs

Flexi discs are traditionally made from a thin flexible PVC compound for the base colours, which are then hot-foil stamped with a single colour design.We offer a full range of flexi disc options, with a variety of transparent and opaque base colours, and a huge selection of accompanying choices for hot-foiling too.

Originally an effective way of distributing audio with printed publications, flexi discs are now utilised in increasingly creative ways. We've found flexis are great for scratch DJs, and for those looking to include a bonus audio track - especially spoken reviews or poems.

Orders start from 250 units.

Flexi Postcards

Flexi postcards are made using printed cardboard, and coated with a standard machine varnish. They can be printed black and white, full colour or using Pantone inks, and can be cut to pretty much any shape you wish too. Check out the images for inspiration from some of our previous clients.

Regardless of genre, postcard flexi discs are a great way to distribute creative promotional material that you can guarantee will impress and become the talk of the town.

Please be aware that flexi discs contain a higher level of surface noise and a lower audio quality than standard vinyl records. Louder audio is best for cutting to flexi discs.

Orders start from 250 units.

Product Options

Add style, durability and attention to detail, while increasing the value of your records.

You can select between these options when making an enquiry or placing an order above.

Colour Split Pressings

Make your pressings more unique and collectable with different colour variants. Have you considered offering a limited edition indie exclusive?

Bonus Discs & Items

Have you considered adding bonus materials to your vinyl packaging? We can design your packaging to suit any combination of additional products.

Metallic Hot Foiling

The shiny metallic appearance of hot foiling makes for an incredibly attractive product. We offer many options including gold, silver and glitter foils.

Box Sets

With the ability to hold multiple records, posters, badges, bonus items and lots more, our unique box sets are the ultimate in luxury vinyl packaging.


These are our most popular options, but it's not everything we can do. If you've seen it done before, chances are we can make it happen for you too. Got an idea?

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