Printed Discobags are some of the simplest and most cost-effective vinyl sleeves in our range. We utilise screen or litho printing as standard, but can print any Pantone colours too.

These printed discobags are constructed from premium 250gsm white board, but alternative stocks are available too. Vinyl discobags suit our full range of specialist print finishes.

Orders start from 250 units.

Single Outer Sleeves

Designed to take a record packed to an inner sleeve, our outer sleeves keep your prized vinyl safe with top quality materials.

Outer sleeves are the main outer packaging for your vinyl records. Due to their popularity, outer sleeves are heavily customisable with specialist card stocks and print finishes.

Standard outer sleeves come on 300gsm white/white card with a 3.5mm spine. Orders start from 250 units.

Gatefold Sleeves

Turbo charge the impact and aethetics of your releases while increasing the potential value. Include your inserts, booklets or posters, or simply seal the second pocket shut.

Meticulously constructed from 350gsm board, vinyl gatefold sleeves have been considered a deluxe packaging option since the 60s; originally synonymous with concept albums.

6 panel "Trifolds" are also available. Orders start from 250 units.

Eco/Recycled Materials

If like us, you're acutely aware of your impact on the world around us, these environmentally friendly sleeves are a perfect way to appease the eco-warrior residing within.

Our 225gsm kraft card vinyl sleeves are best suited to darker ink designs, as some lighter colours may darken and change their tone when applied to the brown base.

Product Options

Add style, durability and attention to detail, while increasing the value of your records.

You can select between these options when making an enquiry or placing an order above.

Test Pressings

Test pressings are the first records created from the metalwork, used to evaluate the quality, volume levels and listen for any untoward pops, clicks or excessive sound artefacts before mass production begins. We always recommend requesting test pressings with your order and listening carefully on a number of different turntables before approving production of the main run.

Runout Engraving

Make your mark on your records by engraving your artist, label or company name into the runout groove.

Colour Effect Vinyl

Stand your release aside from the crowd with 16 different vinyl colour effects to choose from, plus countless combinations.

Colour Split Pressings

Make your pressings more unique and collectable with different colour variants. Have you considered offering a limited edition indie exclusive?

Booklets, Inserts & Posters

Lots of images or information to add? Fancy including a lyric sheet? Consider a printed insert, or go all out with a poster for your fans' bedroom walls.

Download Cards

Boost your record sales with free digital downloads. 10% off all orders with our friends over at ProCards. The world's premier download card provider.


Whether you want to draw more attention to your records or the extras found inside, we offer high quality advertising stickers in all shapes and sizes.


A useful and professional addition to your sleeves, vital if your records will be retailed in major stores or stocked by a distributor.

Bonus Discs & Items

Have you considered adding bonus materials to your vinyl packaging? We can design your packaging to suit any combination of additional products.

Special Card & Paper Stocks

We offer a wide choice of card and paper thicknesses, types and finishes to enhance the appearance and value of your vinyl products.

Special Matt Finishes

Add a matt varnish or lamination to your sleeves for extra durability and a super smooth finish, or blow your customers away with a spot matt UV finish.

Special Gloss Finishes

Add a gloss varnish or lamination to your sleeves to increase durability and vibrancy of your designs, or push the boat out with a spot gloss UV finish.

Pantone Printing

All of our printed parts can be produced in full colour CMYK and/or using Pantone inks for precise colour reproduction.

Metallic Hot Foiling

The shiny metallic appearance of hot foiling makes for an incredibly attractive product. We offer many options including gold, silver and glitter foils.

Embossing & Debossing

Make your print positively three dimensional with raised or stamped surfaces to compliment your designs and make your records more compelling.


Our slipcases slide over your vinyl packaging to instantly increase the weight and visual appearance, making your products more attractive and valuable.

Box Sets

With the ability to hold multiple records, posters, badges, bonus items and lots more, our unique box sets are the ultimate in luxury vinyl packaging.

Shaped Records

Make your records in whatever shape you can dream of. Shape them into smaller CD-sized circles, or custom shapes like hearts, stars or triangles.

Shrink-wrap or Overbags

We always recommend shipping orders with shrink-wrap or poly-overbags to help reduce the risk of the records damaging the packaging in transit.


These are our most popular options, but it's not everything we can do. If you've seen it done before, chances are we can make it happen for you too. Got an idea?

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