From Me To You: An Artist-led Conference for Musical Entrepreneurs

DMS proudly sponsor grassroots industry events

Tom Ogilvie for DMS - 24 Nov 2019
The Adventures of DMS

This Sunday we head to our glorious capital for the second instalment of artist-led music conference FromMeToYou. We’re proud to be sponsoring grassroots events across our country, helping future generations of stars find their way to the top.

WHAT IS From Me To You?

"From Me to You (#FM2U) is a one-day music conference that celebrates independent music making. Traditional music industry events are a plenty, but there is an entire universe of lucrative music making that they simply don’t represent, because they are not run by musicians. This is where From Me to You is different. FM2U aims to build a strong community that has a group of independent musicians at the heart of it. FM2U celebrates the artist entrepreneur and provides a platform for us all to come together, share experiences and expertise.

At the conference, we discuss and debate issues pertinent to us. The panels are chaired by musicians and panelists include experts of the new music industry from across the UK. FM2U showcases platforms and infrastructures that empower us and enable us to support one another in our careers and will lay the foundation for a strong network of independent music making, in which we can find new solutions within our community."


We be taking part in the lunchtime speed meeting, so feel free to come say hello. Tom will be sitting on the ‘Ask Me Anything’ panel to close the event too, alongside a stellar lineup of co-panellists. Don’t hold back with those awkward questions.

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