Interview with The Wild Things

Needing Vinyl for an Arena Tour!

Tom Keel for DMS - 17 Aug 2023
Emerging Artist Series

When British rock band The Wild Things got in touch with DMS, they were heading out on an enormous stadium and arena tour with glam rock legends KISS in just 7 weeks time, and were desperate to have records for the tour...

From opening for The Who at Madison Square Garden's to acting in hit TV shows and films such as 'Uncle' (Netflix/BBC), ‘They Talk’ (Amazon Prime) and ‘Bridgerton’ (Netflix), the band are one of the most exciting up and coming acts in the rock scene, with multiple already established fans in the DMS office - so this was one we were pretty excited about!

DMS quickly got down to it, working closely with the bands guitarist Rob to turn everything around in 'record' time (see what we did there), having the records finished and in the band's possession in time for them to hit the road.

The Wild Things were kind enough to lend us their time after they wrapped up the tour to chat about the album and their experience of pressing their album with DMS.

Lead singer Sydney Rae White with The Wild Thing's album, "You're Really Something", pressed by DMS.

Guitarist Rob KenDrick sat down with Tom Keel at Dms to chat about the bands album and what they have in the pipeline

Rob Kendrick of The Wild Things rocking the crowd at The O2, London. Photo credit: Marcus Maschwitz

Tom: Tell us a bit about how "You're Really Something" came to be.

Rob: You're Really Something is, like a lot of bands first albums, a culmination of trying hundreds of different songs to find the right distillation of the work that defines you at the start. It's kind of a 'best of' for people that had never heard us before, and an introduction that frees us to move into the next phase.

Tom: Who wins the award for being the wildest member and why?

Rob: Good question! I personally love being in the crowd for as much of the show as possible, so I suppose I like to push it a little, but if you get a little alcohol into most of the gang you'll find more often than not something will be ripped off of your body! (Full disclosure: there is still a pair of my underpants atop a Maidstone pub).

The Wild Things backstage at The O2, London. Photo credit: Marcus Maschwitz

Tom: Why did you want to press the record onto vinyl and why DMS?

Rob: Honestly DMS were my first choice as I already own so much of your product. I turned to my personal vinyl to help me decide and your name was on 75% of them! I honestly couldn't have asked for a better, more professional collaborator and have been singing your praises to the industry since. The start of a beautiful relationship...

Tom: When you were confirmed as the opening act on the massive KISS tour, what sort of preparations went into the tour?

Rob: So we first went on the KISS Kruise last year as an artist, and made it our first port of call (boom boom) to find KISS, befriend KISS and bully KISS into letting us support them! Watching them play then made us realise there's a certain level required to keep up, so plans were put into place there that came to fruition onstage. That said, the work never stops.

The Wild Things lead singer Sydney Rae White performing at The O2, London. Photo credit: Kenny Brown

Tom: It has been announced work has started on your follow up album "Afterglow", which is produced by the legendary Pete Townsend of The Who. Can you give us inkling of when it will be out and what to expect?

Rob: I... I honestly don't know, yet. Every single is an opportunity to grow and develop further in the community, and it is a BIG project with LOTS of moving parts. I probably could put a date on it if you had a gun to my head, but if you start to look hard at what we have out, you can see the story has already begun...

The Wild Things performing at The O2, London. Photo credit: The Wild Things

Tom: What else has The Wild Things got in the pipeline?

Rob: We have just put out a live version of our single Paradise from the O2 Arena supporting KISS, in advance of our very first headline shows this October around the UK! We fought tooth and nail to keep ticket prices as low as possible because we want people to be able to take a chance on new music.

Oh and we have a collaboration for our next single that nobody would ever guess. Not in a million years. Can't wait for that to come out!

Last note, couldn't be happier to have found you guys and be working together. Professionals who work harder than anyone I know to allow artists to accomplish their visions. True legends. Thankyou.

Grab a copy of The Wild Thing's "You're Really Something" on vinyl here, and get down to their upcoming UK headline tour this October!

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