Reducing and minimizing the ecological footprint of pressing records is an important part of our ethos here at DMS and requires a coordinated effort from suppliers, manufacturers and customers working together.

We’ve always strived to engage with projects to impact change locally with the ocean close to our home (and hearts), such as the ‘Pack It In’ initiative with Pete Goss MBE to highlight the impact of plastic in our oceans.

When it comes to making products that are ‘green’ and that have a minimal environmental impact, it is not only limited to the manufacturing process; every step of order fulfilment has an impact on our planet.


DMM is our recommended eco-friendly option due to the lower chemical and energy consumption, coupled with the lack of material transportation. Once stampers are made, the plate and coating are recycled and used for future orders.

A blank lacquer travels from the supplier, to a cutting studio and then finally to the production facility. Lacquers require two additional steps compared to DMM; manufacturing of the Original (also known as the ‘Father’) and the Positive (‘Mother’). These additional steps require the use of more chemicals and higher energy consumption.

Lacquers are made by coating an aluminium plate with nitrocellulose which renders the plate unrecyclable.


A small batch of TPs are pressed and shipped for review and approval, using properly calibrated stereo playback equipment.

Physical TPs are pressed and transferred to high-end digital audio and sent for approval to avoid the need for shipping.


The plant produce their own vinyl compound in-house (the only pressing plant in the world to do this, minimising transportation) and recycle the vast majority of defective discs and trimmed flash (the excess vinyl trimmed from the pressed disc).

Picture Discs are unable to be recycled, whereas single colour discs pressed with black or any other compound from the available colour range can be recycled for eco-mix vinyl.


Eco-mix vinyl is 100% recycled compound made of trimmed flash and leftovers from our colour vinyl options.


Components made of mixed materials such as laminated or hot foiled stamped sleeves cannot be recycled.

FSC certified materials come from recycled sources and/or well-managed forests registered and audited by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), an international non-profit organization. The majority of printed materials you can order are available with FSC certificates and provide the best ratio of eco-responsibility and quality.

If we allow additional time we can ensure FSC certified stocks and appropriate logos/identifiers are added to artwork too (for applicable charges).

Environmentally friendly inks may not be applicable for UV printed materials such as offset papers or for printing on the reverse sides of the card. Raw plant-based inks and water-based dispersion varnishes are used as standard. Plant-based inks do not contain any cobalt or mineral oils.

Conventional shrink-wrap is a disposable plastic component; this can be substituted for 100% recycled PE over bags. With shrink-wrap being the primary requirement for distribution and ensuring your product is protected adequately in transit, it’s worth considering the ecological impact of resolving issues that could have been prevented by shrink-wrapping the product initially.


Sometimes it is possible to opt for carbon neutral transport, subject to availability based on the destination and details of the delivery. Couriers providing CO2 neutral solutions calculate their greenhouse gas emissions and invest equivalent resources in projects that aim to reduce emissions by the same amount.

Goods are shipped in up to 93% recycled and 100% recyclable shipping boxes.

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